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January 2005

Friday January 28, RIBA, London

For full event programme and booking details please contact: Monique Tomlinson
PO Box 36646 London SE1 9ZT
Tel/Fax: 020 7928 9152

or go to the Release website

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February 2005
THE THIRD ANNUAL SEX WORKER'S ART SHOW ON TOUR! CLICK ON ABOVE LINK FOR SCHEDULE OF APPEARANCES AND DATES! START DATE: FEBRUARY 17 IN PORTLAND, OREGON Next Erotic Service Providers Meeting: Tuesday, February 8th at 11am. 1188 Franklin Ave. #203, San Francisco. This meeting is sponsored through the San Francisco Labor Council. The purpose of the Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU) is to achieve agency on behalf of all erotic service providers for their occupational and social rights through association with organized labor.
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March 2005

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April 2005

Saturday, April 2, 2005 and possibly April 3 as well at the Asterick Gallery, Tremont, Ohio- click on link below for more information:
International Conference on Prostitution
Men in Prostitution: Perpsectives, identities and problems WHEN: 21. and 22. of April 2005, WHERE: Håndverkeren Oslo NORWAY
Grønland 14, 3 etg
Postboks 6851 St. Olavs plass
0130 Oslo Norway
938 04 442

Attention all injured on the job Erotic Service Providers, If you've every been injured on the job, 'tennis elbow' ' carpal tunnel syndrome' cystitis...
Your are cordially invited to attend the following event

KPFA Special Program Request-April 28, 2005 Workers Memorial Day

Date and Time Of Event- April 28, 2005 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Title Of Broadcast- Workers' Memorial Day and The Fight To Defend Injured & Disabled Workers

Description of the Program,Event or Element To Be Broadcast:
On April 28, 2005, injured and disabled workers from throughout the state of California will rally in Sacramento on Workers' Memorial Day to protest the attack on disabled and injured workers throughout the State. The KPFA Labor Collective and Pushing Limits will produce a 3 hour live and pre-recorded segments about the conditions and struggle of disabled and injured workers. There is a growing corruption crisis as well in the insurance industry and more and more workers are facing the destruction of their health and also bankruptcy. The program will air programming on the history of workers' comp, examples of the lives of injured and disabled workers and the growing corruption crisis. It will will also focus on the need of single payer and the growing crisis in the healthcare industry.

Is This A Public Event? Yes

Contact Person For Event;
Maxine, KPFA Labor Collective Liaison email:
Event Venue: mobilization on West steps of capitol in Sacramento

This program will educate working people and the public about the dire circumstances of the deregulation of the workers' comp industry and the devastating costs to workers and their families. This program will also be a joint project of the KPFA Labor Collective and Pushing Limits, The Disabled Rights Collective at KPFA.
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May 2005

MAY 1 - 8, 2005 San Francisco Sex Worker Festival- Carol Leigh, Festival Director
The Happening Event in San Francisco- presented by COYOTE, SWOP AND ISWFACE
ESPU: Next meeting will be Tuesday, May 3rd at 11 am at
1188 Franklin Street in San Francisco. Contact Maxine:
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June 2005

You are invited to a “Community Dialogue on the Criminalization of Survival: Poverty, Violence and Prostitution”
Come hear about the growing movement for protection, not prosecution, of sex workers and for resources so no one is vulnerable to violence

WHEN: Thursday, June 9 at 7pm

WHERE: St. Boniface Church, 133 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco (between Jones & Leavenworth, near Civil Center BART)

Donation $5.00, no one turned away.

Call ahead if you need childcare or Spanish translation.

Following from the San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution Report, the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) passed a resolution that those accused of rape and other violent crimes against sex workers should be arrested and vigorously prosecuted, and that the $7.6 million spent on enforcing anti-prostitution laws be redirected into resources and services. And resulting from a campaign for the rights of homeless people, the DA agreed to an Amnesty which withdraws all pending warrants against homeless people for so-called nuisance “crimes”, the same laws used against sex workers on the street.

The community dialogue will give an update on efforts for prevention of violence against prostitute women caused by criminalization, including implementation of the BOS resolution and extending the Amnesty to sex workers. The Community Dialogue aims to bring together: sex workers; church workers; community residents; the legal community; organized labor; ex-cons; youth; LGBT; communities of color and immigrants; homeless people; anti-war, anti-poverty and anti-racist activists; prisoner rights groups and others working for justice and to protect the rights of anyone criminalized by poverty to discuss these vital issues.

Come help prioritize: the protection of sex workers over prosecution and jail; an end to violence against sex workers and all women, and for justice for all of us made vulnerable to violence and other degradation by poverty and lack of resources. While billions is spent on war and occupation, practically nothing is available for women and communities!

Sponsored by In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety, a project of US PROStitutes Collective and Legal Action for Women.

Co-sponsored by: Wages Due Lesbians; Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike.

Call for more info (415) 626-4114 or email
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July 2005

Here's an invitation not to be missed for serious organizers for Prostitute Rights! Lewis and Clark College Portland, Oregon
July 6-10, 2005

Attending labor organizing school for those who of us who are serious about bringing change to our status is essential. Identifying
our issues and skills as well as how to enact effective and appropriate campaigns locally and internationally has to happen so we can be more effective in erotic body politic to successfully lobby the public, legislators to end the criminalization of our occupation.
Please join me this summer as Erotic Labors are welcome to attend this event:

In Sexual Solidarity

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August 2005

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September 2005

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October 2005

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November 2005

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December 2005

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