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the people who have helped make us what we are........

Important Notice

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for making the Foundation possible:

Mr. Fred Cherry, whose generosity made ICOP possible, and who graciously and generously provided the financial support for the incorporation of ISWFACE and its daily expenses. Mr. Cherry passed away in July, 2003. He was quite a character and is sorely missed.

Mr. Eddie Tabash, who also donated generously with money, time and legal advice to keep us out of trouble and focused on the issues that matter.

Cheryl Overs, Paulo Longo and Andrew Sorfleet whose non-stop work in the international prostitutes' rights movement, and devotion to the Network of Sex Work Projects, has inspired the Foundation to strive for inclusion of sex workers globally.

Margo St. James, whose outrage over injustice ignited the prostitutes' rights movement in the US, and whose ongoing activism encourages a new generation of sex workers to become involved in fighting for their rights.

Priscilla Alexander, a non-sex worker whose research and writings on prostitution, and her incredible dedication to the cause of prostitutes rights has enriched the cultural and educational heritage of the movement.

The many current and future Field Directors, Academic Advisors, Law Enforcement and Legal Advisors who will be joining our Foundation.

The many anonymous contributors whose donations have helped us to continue our work, who prefer not to be named.

And finally, Victor Savant, husband of founder Norma Jean Almodovar, without whose love, support and understanding it would be impossible to put in the long hours necessary to be an activist. He knows my heart belongs to him, AND to the movement.

The list of those to whom we are eternally grateful would fill an entire book. You know who you are, and so do we. On behalf of all of us at ISWFACE,

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In as much as prostitution, one of the many forms of sex work represented by ISWFACE, is still illegal in most of the United States and in many other countries, the founders of the International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education are well aware of the potential problems and questions that our respective governments may have with the organization and the sincerity of those involved in it. If our foundation is to achieve international acceptance and credibility with those governments upon whom we must rely for granting non-profit status and thus allowing us to generate income, it is our responsibility to all those who will benefit from the existence of the Foundation to ensure that all of the Foundation's employees, board members, field directors, advisors and members will not, in their capacity as such, use their affiliation with ISWFACE to knowingly participate in or encourage any illegal activity either in the United States or in any other country.

All of our efforts and goals are focused on the legitimate activities of free speech, art, education, health and culture of a highly stigmatized group of people, and the economic and social alternatives that the above activities offer these individuals. We believe that information is the key to knowledge and knowledge is the key to change.

All funding and services provided by our foundation are designated for legal activities only, and any projects that are submitted to us for funding must meet the legal requirements for the country in which the recipient resides.

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Important NOTICE:

We would like to translate all of the Foundation's written material into as many languages as we have sex workers.

If you have translation skills in any language (other than English) and would like to volunteer your services, please contact us.

Thank you.

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