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Part I. Joining ISWFACE
Part II. ISWFACE Field Directors and Regional Committees - Duties, Responsibilities and Reimbursements

Sex Worker Involvement

Part I. Joining ISWFACE

Membership requirements

Anyone may apply for membership, however all applicants will be screened and a determination will be made as to the validity of the information on the application. Membership in the organization will be limited to current, ex and transitioning sex workers and sex worker activists and their known supporters, friends and allies. If there is an eligibility question about an applicant, the Membership Review Committee may require references from known sex worker members. Only current or ex- sex workers will have voting rights, to ensure the continued pursuit of the goals of the founders.

Due to privacy issues and concerns for the safety of the sex workers, we reserve the right to deny or revoke membership if organizational criteria is not satisfactorily met or maintained. If membership is denied or revoked, all membership fees* (if applicable) will be refunded.

At no time and for no reason will anyone- sex worker or other, be allowed to become a member of the organization who does not fully support the right of the sex worker to self-determination, to have the right to choice and to work in a non-coercive environment, be the coercion at the hands of another individual or government in the form of prohibitive or undue/uncalled-for regulation laws. This also applies to any grant applicant (individual or organization) for project funding.

Reasons for Revocation

Membership may be revoked if a member consistently displays inappropriate behavior toward their peers, publicly expresses sentiments that are clearly contrary to the philosophy of the founders, or are deemed to be a 'troublemaker' within the international movement with whom other activists can no longer work. Any such allegations must be provably detrimental to the organization through documented evidence as opposed to hearsay.

Whereas empowerment of the sex worker is one of the primary goals of the foundation, any attempt to speak FOR sex workers rather than to allow a sex worker to speak on his or her own behalf, violates the basic tenets of our philosophy.

Whenever possible, sex workers MUST speak for themselves. Therefore, membership for non-sex workers can be terminated if, without authorization to do so, a non-sex worker makes a public statement regarding sex work or speaks on behalf of a sex worker if a sex worker was available and willing to speak on his or her own behalf [an exception to this would be if a researcher or academic has published a book or findings of a study on sex work and the media requests an interview with the author of the study; however, every attempt should be made to encourage the media to interview the subject(s) of the study].

Any member or membership applicant attempting to present themselves and /or their organization as representatives of, spokespersons for, or a chapter, branch or affiliate of the Foundation without authorization of the Board of Directors will have their membership revoked or denied.

Anyone whose membership application is denied or membership revoked, may appeal it to the applicant's regional Field Director, whereupon the matter will be reviewed and voted upon by the Membership Review Committee, composed of Field Directors and Board of Directors members. Membership may be reinstated if sufficient evidence shows that circumstances have changed, were beyond the control of the member, and/or the facts prove to be different than the original situation indicated.

What membership offers:

(In the United States, membership dues or fees may be fully or partially deductible from taxes owed- check with your accountant for details.)

Based on the level of membership you choose, you will receive free or at substantially reduced prices one or more of the following membership incentives:

subscription to the bi-monthly magazine (all levels, free)

25% discount off retail prices on all ISWFACE products (levels II to IV)

VIP admission to one or more art exhibit opening night fund raising receptions (level III, one reception, level IV, all receptions, free)

Discounted or free course material for on-line workshops offered through ISWFACE (level II and above)

ISWFACE calendar, T-shirt or poster (level III and above free)

Selected books, video, audio tapes or Compact Disc (level IV only, free)

Why membership dues/ fees?

Even though we are a non-profit foundation, we cannot always count on outside contributions. Every organization needs to have cash flow to meet its' financial obligations. Among these are the day to day expenses such as telephone bills, postage, office supplies, and other essentials to remain viable.

This organization was founded with very limited funds. While we hope to attract mainstream sponsors, we must have your support to allow us to build a truly functional and beneficial foundation.

Membership dues/ fees

Fee levels are structured to meet the financial ability of every potential member. Memberships are available for individuals or organizations. A special type of membership will be offered to other non- profit groups, communities, universities, colleges and media organizations seeking to utilize the information services we offer.

Annual membership renewal is not automatic and individuals and organizations will be responsible for remembering their renewal date. One reminder notice will be sent and if no response is received, the member will be deleted from the files. The date for renewal of membership will be set by the acceptance date of the original application. If the membership fee was waived for a member in any given year, it may be necessary for the member to re-request a waiver of fees for an additional year.

Individual memberships


Level I


Level II


Level III


Level IV

$150 and up
We encourage you to subscribe at the highest level you can afford. Upgrades to a higher level are possible at any time during the year prior to your membership renewal date. Arrangements may be made for quarterly payments of memberships at level IV if requested (membership incentives may be delayed according to payment schedule).

Organizational memberships are still under review and fee structure will be determined at a later date.

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Part II. ISWFACE Field Directors and Regional Committees- Duties, Responsibilities and Reimbursements

(note: Field Directors and Academic Advisors automatically receive membership at level I. This only applies to the individual Field Director or Academic Advisor and not their family members, domestic partners, or friends.)

If you have agreed to become a regional Field Director for ISWFACE, you may be reimbursed for your (reasonable) expenses relating to your duties, or compensated for your time. Complete and accurate records and receipts will be necessary in order to process your claim. If you live within the United States, you are responsible for paying any taxes that may be required on such income.

We will soon mail a complete packet of information and instructions with all the forms that you will need.

As a Field Director for your region, your duties will be to:

Review funding applications from your region prior to submitting to the Foundation with your recommendations for the Applicant Review Board.

Submit reports at least twice a year on your region, concerning developments in research, art, culture and any other sex worker related issues.

Supervise and report on any projects in your region which are funded by ISWFACE.

Form a committee of other members from your region to assist you with any projects which you supervise, including, if your region is selected, hosting an international art exhibit. All the requirements for hosting an exhibit will be provided to the Field Director at the time the location is under consideration.

With your committee, organize local art exhibits, workshops, classes and any community outreach programs.

If your local organization is the recipient of a computer, printer or any other electronic device, you will be responsible for the equipment, and be trained in its' use, or you may appoint another member from your region to be trained. Thereafter, where local technology permits, you will be expected to network with your peers internationally through the internet and to frequently check the Foundation web site for current information.

Interface with other organizations with similar goals and programs.

Solicit contributions from your region and build up membership. Accounting guidelines for contributions will be in the information packet you will receive soon.

Appoint a media liaison to represent your region, following the Foundation guidelines for media interaction. Media guidelines will be given to you prior to any public announcement of ISWFACE activities.

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