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Part I- to the sex worker
Part II- to the public
Part III- to the academic/ researcher
Part IV-Other Recipients


[Our services fall into several different categories]

Part I- to the sex worker


[For full description of what we will fund and information on how to apply, see section 7]

We will offer project funding, including computer equipment, software and cameras, to individual current, ex and transitioning sex worker artists, or to their organization, for the purpose of creating and exhibiting art work, performance art, music, books, video and photographic documentaries, and anything which contributes to the cultural heritage of sex workers world wide On a limited, case by case basis, we will offer scholarships and partial scholarships to sex workers for the following:

(1) to attend a school or take a course which offers training in their related field, with special emphasis on those in developing countries who do not have access to other funding resources.

(2) to attend conferences, (such as AIDS or United Nations or art or cultural conferences), other meetings of their peers requiring representation of their organization, country or region; or training sessions which will enable them to do peer counseling, such as AIDS and safe sex education, skill and vocational development outside sex work, etc.

(3) to attend an exhibit of their work at one of our international exhibits, which would offer them the opportunity to network with art dealers and artists managers, art critics, literary agents, theatrical /film producers, and other professionals, to enable the sex workers to establish themselves in a creative field outside of sex work.

Establish an emergency fund to be used for the purpose of alleviating any short term hardship incurred by a fund/scholarship recipient (or potential recipient) whose work as an artist has been interfered with or interrupted by serious injury, incarceration, or government censorship of their work.


Educational courses, including on the internet, such as: * How to Market your art work
* computer literacy courses
* AIDS/safe sex education
* peer counseling
* money management
* career planning
* sexual, reproductive health & family planning
* sex work and the law

Artist referral service (to agents, art suppliers, future art shows, etc.) to assist the sex worker artist who does not have access to this information

Creative workshops to encourage budding artists to develop their other talents

On-line peer counseling, (emotional) support, referrals to licensed therapists and counselors to deal with sex work related issues, rape counseling, spousal/partner abuse, family crises, transitioning/vocational issues


To sex workers who are unable to find publishing or production services for their products, we can provide these services if your application is accepted, and we will pay you a licensing and/or royalty fee comparable to commercial services.

For art, crafts and other products to which the creator has sole rights, and which are reproduced by the Foundation for the purpose of marketing and advertisements, we will pay the creator a licensing fee and royalties regardless of any other arrangements made by the creator to sell original work elsewhere. At no time will the Foundation demand exclusive rights to the art or other creations which will limit the creatorsÕ ability to sell, reproduce or market their own work in any other medium or by any other source.

All work accepted for reproduction in any medium by the Foundation will be covered with a mutually agreed upon contract between the creator and the Foundation. The creator will retain all rights to their work unless otherwise stipulated by the artist.

We will publish and distribute a catalog of products. On a limited basis, we can include a listing of your already published materials relating to sex workers, with information on where the products are available. For example, if you have written and published a book about sex work through a commercial publisher, we can include the title and cover of the book, the price of the book and where the book can be purchased.

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Part II- to the public


The International, multi-media exhibit, which will tour major cities globally, and be available through the internet at our cyberspace gallery/ museum.

Also available through our web site, will be listings of books, plays, movies, music, and other art by and relating to sex workers.


Concurrent to an exhibit, we will offer instructional classes or workshops with some of the artists whose work is on exhibit.

Outreach to art schools, universities, community art/ writing groups to share insights into the creative lives of sex workers

Make available reports and studies conducted on sex workers, to the media, students, government and law enforcement agencies, rehabilitation/ education facilities aimed at drug and AIDS education

Provide and maintain direct access to the above mentioned useful information through a web site, as well as in printed form, combined with a bibliography of sex work related books, articles, plays, movies and documentaries.

In the appropriate venue, the sharing of our knowledge of intimacy issues in order to assist adult couples or singles to realize a more fulfilling sexual relationship.

Provide an international speakers bureau- of current, ex and transitioning sex workers to share personal insights with the community, which will challenge the often dangerous misconceptions and stereotypes of sex work, sex workers and their clients, with the goal of increasing tolerance for those in alternative life-styles and professions. The speakers bureau will also include academics, researchers, legal representatives and others who can effectively discuss the issues.

Provide previously documented historical information about the lives and contributions of sex workers throughout the ages.

Interactive, (college credit) courses in several languages, offered through the internet in such subjects as:

* debunking the myths of prostitution
* prostitution and feminism
* prostitution through the ages
* AIDSprevention/safe sex
* how other countries deal with prostitution
* prostitution in literature and film
* communities seeking solutions to public prostitution problems

Interactive courses will utilize sex workers, legal experts, academics and others within our Foundation to create and teach the courses.

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Part III- to the academic/ researcher

Access to international sex workers and information relating to sex work to enable future and expanded research of a generally difficult to reach population.

Researchers in one country can learn what similar research is being conducted on prostitutes in other countries and compare results. Not only will this give researchers access to other studies, students doing their theses will have access to the same information.

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Part IV-Other Recipients:

[A] health service providers Health service providers can link with other organizations to ensure that their constituents in the prostitution/sex work community have the latest in health and safe sex information

[B] law enforcement agencies

Through our on-line library of legal and research reports, law enforcement agencies can learn how other communities and police departments deal with public prostitution issues.

Our international speakers bureau will include members of law enforcement agencies who will be available to address the issues for interested local governments and communities.

[C] the media

The media will have access to accurate information, and no longer have to perpetuate misinformation.

[D] students

Students in any country anywhere doing their theses can access the book to learn where to locate individuals/ groups in sex work to interview, or the student can access prostitution studies that have been conducted anywhere in the world to complete their paper.

[E] writers and journalists

Writers and journalists can access the information to give their work more accuracy.

[F] lawyers and legislators

Lawyers can use the on-line directory in preparing their cases. Legislators can use the information to locate research on prostitution and health which will assist them in writing sane legislation.

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