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Art equals outreach!

Art is a powerful tool by which we can share ourselves, our lives, our goals, our issues. Sex Workers come from a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and have historically contributed much to the literary and artistic world.

Our Foundation is dedicated to dispelling the myths, stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding sex work through the collection, display and permanent preservation of the art, culture and information by and about sex workers past and present, from around the world.

To create an atmosphere which encourages the artistic growth of current, ex and transitioning sex workers, and stimulates the academic research necessary to positively impact the lives of men and women in sex work.

Ensure that never again will there be a sex worker conference without delegates from EVERY region world-wide, so that all of the sex worker projects are represented.

Achieve financial independence through our own non-profit organization, which will raise money through private donations AND the sale of our own products and create economic alternatives for those who wish to transition out of sex work into a profession in the arts.

To fund to individual current, ex and transitioning sex worker artists, and organizations, to allow them to create and exhibit art work, performance art, music, books, documentaries, photos and ANYTHING contributing to the cultural heritage of sex workers, world wide.

To link sex worker advocacy organizations around the world by computers donated to such organizations in developing countries- AND educational courses to teach computer skills so that all of us can communicate, share ideas through which we can be empowered with knowledge and be inspired with creativity.

To create a world wide on-line network providing peer counseling, emotional support, transitioning/vocational issues, health and safe sex information.

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