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ISWFACE will provide a forum for the art work, writings and other creative expressions by and of sex workers.

We will provide the opportunity for sex worker artists from developing countries who may have no other options to exhibit and sell their art, and exchange ideas and information with fellow artists around the world in and out of sex work, whereby the individual has the ability to transition out of sex work if they wish to.

Our efforts will benefit the research, academic and law enforcement community by helping to collect, catalog and preserve the culture of a group that is widely studied but much misunderstood.

We will act as a cultural intermediary and advisor/educator to explain, enlighten and educate the public at large, the media and artistic institutions.

We will preserve the cultural integrity of a marginalized and stigmatized group of people who have been, throughout history, the subjects of many plays, books, movies, art, studies, commentaries and theories not of their own creation.

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