ISWFACE is an international organization with outreach to sex workers in all languages. To accomplish this, we have selected individuals who are known to the founders of ISWFACE who, as field directors or representatives, will be available to assist sex workers around the world in achieving their artistic potential. Some countries currently have two or more representatives, depending upon the geographical size and sex worker population of the area. At present, we are still selecting field directors and will update this list as the information becomes available.

Field Directors are the members of ISWACC (International Sex Worker Arts and Culture Council), the Arts and Culture committee of ISWFACE. A field director is the regional representative who will provide sex workers with instructions on how to apply for funding (when it is available). A committee of field directors will be elected to or volunteer for the Application Review Board, which will oversee the selection process for applications which are submitted to regional field directors. The recommendations made by this committee will be forwarded to the ISWFACE Board of Directors Committee on Grant Applications for final acceptance and award of the scholarship, funding or sponsorship.

The geographical areas represented by a field director may be too large for the appointed field directors to easily manage. Rather than increase the number of field directors for each region, a field director may appoint local representatives or 'mini' directors, who report to the main field director(s). The field directors will oversee these 'mini' directors and will forward information from ISWFACE to them and from them to ISWFACE. If asked by the field director or by ISWFACE, the 'mini' director may take over all duties and responsibilities of a field director (if a field director becomes ill or is unable to function as field director for whatever reason). A field director may nominate a 'mini' director to act as his or her representative on a committee under the direction of the Arts and Culture Council.

Because we are a new organization, there are no established guidelines for the selection process yet. In the future, field directors can be elected by the region which they represent, or can be selected from volunteers. (A field director or 'mini' director must be a current or ex-sex worker to qualify) Ideally, a field director should speak or read English, but it is not required. However, a translator should be available for sending to and receiving information from ISWFACE. If you are able to translate any or all documents on this web site to your native language and wish to volunteer your services, please contact us or your field director immediately.

The following is a partial list of our field directors. If there is no field director listed for your region and you would like to apply for the job, please contact us . For complete information about the duties and responsibilities of a field director, please see the sex worker handbook field directors duties.


For those names without e-mail address or phone numbers, we are currently getting permission to publish the information. For now, if you wish to contact the field director, please send us your name, address, phone number or e-mail address and we will forward the information.


Japan- Bubu Momocca, through SWEETLY

Malaysia - Khartini Slemeh, PINK Triangle

Central and South America

Brazil- Paolo Longo

Ecuador - Lili Figueroa

Guatemala- Judith Meline Caal Diaz, Damaris Hernandez

Mexico- Claudia Colimoro

Venezuela- Nury Pernia/AMBAR

Latin American Migrant Sex Workers - Laura Agustin


Finland - Johanna Sirkia

France - Eva Lansun

Germany - Gala Breton

Germany - Cora Molloy

Germany - Markus Baaken

Italy - Pia Covre

Norway - Liv Jessen

The Netherlands - Mariska Majoor


Sadhana Murkherjee

North America

Canada - Andrew Sorfleet

East Coast, USA - Veronica Vera

East Coast, USA - Coral Velisak

West Coast, USA - Carol Leigh

West Coast, USA - Annie Sprinkle

Puerto Rico- Aurines Torres-Sanchez, Michelle de la Rosa

South Africa

Shane Petzer / Gordon Isaacs

South Pacific Region

Australia - Sue Metzenrath

Australia -Wendy-Joy Robertson

New Zealand - Janene Knox

New Zealand - Anna Reed

United Kingdom

England- Brett McMillan, Dr. Tuppy Owens



Other representatives for ISWFACE:

Xaviera Hollander, The Netherlands
Sydney Biddle Barrows, USA
Cynthia Payne, UK


Nina Hartley

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